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About Our Practice

Bethesda Mental Health provides a full range of behavioral health treatment services.

Our Mission

Welcome to Bethesda Mental Health!

We believe in a holistic approach to mental health to include addressing your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual health needs. Your safety is a primary concern; we provide care that is both Compassionate and Evidence Based to promote the best outcomes for you. Our psychiatric care focuses on providing you with individualized treatment plans that meet your specific needs, allowing you to discuss your concerns and work through past traumas in a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment.

Individualized treatment may require prescribing psychiatric medications as indicated in a safe manner, and incorporating Solution Focused and or Supportive Psychotherapy as needed.

The treatment goal is life recovery. We will help you and your loved ones learn the needed coping skills to handle daily stressors effectively. We strive to help alleviate our clients’ past pain and traumas so they can regain confidence, and live more productive and joyful lives.

Meet the Founder

Dianne Mbai, Psychiatric Nurse at Bethesda Mental health Clinic

Dianne Mbai, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner,

Dianne Mbai, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner was born and raised in Sub-Saharan Africa. Growing up, she saw first-hand the devastating effects untreated mental illness has on the individual, their family and the community as a whole. She started her career in Nursing at the University of Central Oklahoma where she obtained her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing in 2007. She worked primarily in the Intensive Care Unit and later in the ER before graduating with her Master of Science in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing from the University of Texas in Arlington in 2013.

Dianne has worked in various settings as an Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner with Prescriptive Authority. Her experiences have included Community Mental Health, Integrated Care Clinics, and Crisis Out-Patient Clinics in the Dallas and Denton Counties. She moved into private practice with Bethesda Mental Health in West Arlington in 2017. The practice has since relocated to the Farmers Branch area in Dallas County.

Mental illness affects almost every family now in one way or another. Dianne is passionate about helping her clients understand whatever psychosocial stressors or familial predispositions they may have that might put them at risk for psychiatric disorders.

Dianne’s goal in founding Bethesda Mental Health was to provide an environment in which people could get Holistic mental health care. This is care that is conducive to not just treating the client’s presenting symptoms or disorders, but to addressing the needs of the whole person including their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health needs.

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